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Welcome to the PackagingGuide namespace in the Ubuntu wiki.


All the information related to packaging was aggregated here and split up into small pieces that live in sub-namespaces. ["PackagingGuide/Maintenance"] explains more about this. This was done to allow various guides (for different audiences) which share common information. Bugs can be reported at ["PackagingGuide/Maintenance"].


* [:/Complete:Complete Guide]
* [:/PackagingOverview:Basic overview over files in the debian/ directory]
* [:/HandsOn:Material for a Hands-On session]
* [:/SharedLibraries:The basics of shared libraries, and the specifics of packaging them]
* YouTube - Learning MOTU (first of three Videos)

Old guide structure

1. ["/Introduction"]
1. ["/GettingStarted"]
1. ["/Basic"]
1. ["/PatchSystems"]
1. ["/KDE"]
1. ["/SupplementaryFiles"] - man pages, .desktop files, menu files, ...
1. ["/Recipes"]
1. ["/Appendix"]

Herramientas personales